Silargan 10 Year Warranty

Silit Energy Red Fry Pans

Extra-sturdy steel core.
For optimal heat distribution and storage; saves energy, suitable for all types of stoves

Silargan interior
Ultra-hard, ceramic high-gloss surface; nickel-free and anti-bacterial; dishwasher-proof.

Silit steel-ceramic exterior
Extremely durable, hygienic and longluster; dishwasher-proof

All-metal handles
Developed to protect your hands; modern, ergonomic, heat-resistant and absolutely ovenproof.

Special pouring rim
For easy, spill-free pouring.

Glass Lid
Made of high-quality, heat-resistant tempered glass;  ideal for water-reduced, energy-saving full-view cooking

Silit Energy Red Fry Pan 9.5" x 2 1/4  (24 cm).....$115.00

Silit Energy Red Fry Pan 11" x 2 1/2  (28 cm).......$150.00

Note: 11 inch fry pan features two handles for easy lifting.

Domed Glass Lid for Fry Pan
with Stainless Steel Knob

Silit Fry Pan Glass Lid 9.5" Lid  ............................$34.95

Silit Fry Pan Glass Lid 11" Lid .............................$37.95

Silit Energy Red 11 inch Silargan Ceramic Fry Pan
Silit Energy Red 9.5 inch Silargan Ceramic Fry Pan

Silit’s spunky Energy Red ceramic cookware will spark new life into your kitchen while providing the best quality cookware for your tasty and healthy meals. The extra-sturdy, drawn-in-one-piece steel core and the dark interior guarantees excellent cooking and frying features. The heat is conducted quickly and evenly all the way to the rim and stored for a long time. The interior is made of Silargan®, Silit’s innovative high-tech, ultra-hard, scratchproof ceramic.  Silargan is the cookware material for the health-conscious nutrition with exceptional flavor.

Silit Energy Red Cookware

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Silit Domed Glass Lid with Stainless Knob
Silit Energy Red Ceramic Cookware Collection
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Silit Silargan Ceramic Cookware Made in Germany
Silit - the finest cookware in the world!

The finest ceramic cookware in the world!

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